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Rose Tonka & Oud Incense

Rose Tonka & Oud Incense

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Notes: Red Rose, Geranium, Amaretto, Tonka, Rum, Oud, Musk

Description: A sultry blend of red rose petals, tonka bean and oud. Perfect for a romantic night in or for relaxing and enjoying some "me time". This scent is not for the faint of heart. Rose Tonka and Oud evokes thoughts of crisp button down white shirts, red lipstick, silk dresses and excellence. Perfectly suited for our organic incense sticks.

15 Incense sticks hand dipped in fine fragrance oil and DPG. Our incense sticks are organic, toxic free and made of coconut charcoal and bamboo sticks. Approximately 11 inches long and will burn for an hour depending on room size and condition. The scent will last all day. 

How to Use:
Burn in well ventilated area
Light end of stick then extinguish flame
Use heat resistant incense burner
Do not leave unattended
Keep away from children and pets
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Definitely sets the atmosphere… elegantly, richly blended for special occasions or when in the mood🌹

Lashaun biggs
Best incense

Love the way these incense smell she has the best incense I have ever tried 😊

Alesia Houston
Popular for a reason!

I love how clean, grown and sexy these smell!

I see why they sold out

Smells like heaven