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Milk Bath Incense

Milk Bath Incense

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Notes: Coconut Milk, Milk, Vanilla, Sugar, Sandalwood, Wild Flowers, Spices

Description: One of my favorite scents, Milk Bath is perfect for unwinding and soaking your worries away. With the aroma of creamy milk, wild flowers, vanilla and spices, it is the pampering we all need. The sugary vanilla appeals to the girly girls while the floral spicy notes gives a level of maturity. So take yourself a well needed break, you deserve it sis!

15 Incense sticks hand dipped in fine fragrance oil and DPG. Our incense sticks are organic, toxic free and made of coconut charcoal and bamboo sticks. Approximately 11 inches long and will burn for an hour depending on room size and condition. The scent will last all day. 

How to Use:
Burn in well ventilated area
Light end of stick then extinguish flame
Use heat resistant incense burner
Do not leave unattended
Keep away from children and pets
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

All I can really say is, YES & YES! Description and reviews do not serve justice on how incredible these actually smell!


Must try won’t be disappointed


I had been looking for hand dipped incense made by a Black owned company for a while. I stumbled across this company on TikTok and gave it a try. I’m glad I did! I love the scent, they burn slow and the scent lingers all day. I will definitely purchase more!

Milky and Silky

I can’t determine which one I love more! I burned this fragrance while taking a bath. I was so relaxed and the smell was heavenly! You must try!

You Must Try

If you’re the person that has never used incense, now is the time to explore the BEST incense I’ve ever encountered. We have been using incense since the 70’s(yes we have experience😂). The intoxicating fragrance and the slow billowing of the smoke is mesmerizing. Now, if you are a seasoned incense burner, you will wish handmade small batch incense had been available back in the day. This is like no other you have tried. This is a must try…you will be hooked!