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Cedar Glow Incense

Cedar Glow Incense

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Notes: Grapefruit, Black Pepper, Cedarwood and Amber.

Description:  A spicy bright scent that takes cedarwood to new levels. The citrus note of grapefruit mingles perfectly with sweet and resinous amber. Together with cedarwood and spices, this incense is the perfect cozy mood setter. If you like masculine spicy scents that won't overwhelm the senses, you will love this.

15 Incense sticks hand dipped in fine fragrance oil and DPG. Our incense sticks are organic, toxic free and made of coconut charcoal and bamboo sticks. Approximately 11 inches long and will burn for an hour depending on room size and condition. The scent will last all day. 

How to Use:
Burn in well ventilated area
Light end of stick then extinguish flame
Use heat resistant incense burner
Do not leave unattended
Keep away from children and pets
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tatiana H

This incense smells soooo amazing. I love the mix of the cedarwood and amber. I’m in love


This smells so nice. What you smell through the packaging is the same while burning


These incense are so fragrant! I love burning cause it’s relaxing and keeps my room smelling great!

Reviewer avatar
Cedar glow candle fine big brother!!

This incense is smoky, musky, aromatic and smells sinfully delicious!! Definitely the candle finer, more mature and sexier brother. Enjoying this new release immensely!

Lashaun biggs
Not your average incense

I absolutely love cedar glow incense If you enjoy masculine scents you will enjoy this. My husband even complimented the smell when he walked in the house and with all my smell goods he never says anything unless it catches his attention . These are not your average incense they are superior quality. Grab these yall…